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Utilization of Resources on Cloud Hosting Network in Secure Environment


Manik Rakhra,   Neha Verma

Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Lovely Professional University, Phagwara, India

Correspondence should be addressed to Manik Rakhra; rakhramanik786@gmail.com

Received 14-11-2020; Accepted 01-12-2020; Published 02-12-2020

Handling Editor :   Ashutosh Sharma


In this recommended framework that strengthened the adaptive hierarchical scheduling objectives to build such a program that can perform N amount of jobs on processors that can work much better and operate more effectively than current systems. In this paper, suggest a hybrid method for scheduling multi-computers in large-scale distributed memory, named dynamic scheduling, which illustrates the possible advantages of memory slicing and duration filtering while concurrently addressing their disadvantages. The effects of such a mix through comprehensive simulated studies where two workload models test the relative efficiency of the tree strategy along with appropriate space and time slicing techniques.