yandere pokemon fanfiction Eight of these students are rivals, and seven of them will not appear during Week 1 for various reasons. com/user/TheRoley ♣ For multi-chapter fanfiction I will arrange a custom price with you as soon as I know the estimated amount of chapter and content ♣ Get a 10% discount on any price if you allow me to post the commission to my blog(s)! Important Informations: ♣ I can only accept payments via Paypal at the moment I might create an RPG fan game based on this idea. 18+ only (brief sexual content). Like in Danganronpa, 16 students (or in this case, pokemons) has special talent, however, their special talents are usually based on their types (so if there is an ultimate fire Pokémon, they can't be two of them however there can be two Pokémon that has the same type but Ninjago crossover fanfiction archive. Decided to upgrade the list ^_^ if there is one that you want me to do but I don't have it on the list then 30 Pokemon - Oleana's Shota » [Sequel to Pokemon - Oleana's Maelstrom] Naruto is now 12 years old, and that means Oleana can now do her best to get Naruto to love her, and only her - barring his Pokemon team - and make sure that he knows that she loves him more than anyone else ever could, and she plans on doing it her way. Anime X-overs, M, English, Romance & Family, chapters: 126, words: 471k+, favs: 1k+, follows: 1k+, updated: 3/7 published: 8/9/2014 The Life of the Legendaries is a Pokémon fanfic written by Jakayrta on Fan Fiction. net Follow/Fav Tom and his Gardevoir, forbidden passion in the Kalos Region (Lemons) By: SisheelFanfic Years after the events of Pokemon X and Y, Tom (Calem), now 19 years old, reflects on his choices since conquering the elite 4 and becoming Pokemon champion. You changed out of your pajamas, and got into your traveling clothes. /Satoshi, Cynthia/Shirona - Chapters: 3 - Words: 7,484 - Reviews: 30 - Favs: 114 - Follows: 111 - Updated: 3/9 - Published: 6/11/2017 - id: 12527067 ((Here's another Pokemon story with a Yandere Gardevoir, since everyone seemed to like the last one quite a lot. She grew up in the smallest town in her entire region, pallet town. serena, ash, pokemonxy. She was first shown in the "December 2015 Progress Update" video. Assine UOL 4003-6118 capitais 0800 703 3000 demais localidades Assine e tenha acesso ilimitado ao conteúdo exclusivo e a produtos UOL. Naruto Fanfiction Yandere Hinata is a totally free PNG image with transparent background and its resolution is 548x635. 1 Name 2 Intros 2. As of the September 15th 2019 build, there are no more temporary students, meaning every student the player encounters Levi X Reader Lemon by PixieAp0calypse_ ( Angie) with 6700 read. Four other trainers sent their pokemon onto the field. @user96273233. Recent threadmarks Snippet - krspaceT - Earth 110715: Indigo League Round 2 Snippet - krspaceT - PokemonTV Wants To Make A Documentary About Ash & Gary Snippet - krspaceT - Year 2020 (Or Something) Snippet - HotaruSama - The Very Model Of The Pokemon World's Chosen One Snippet - krspaceT - Team Rocket: James Gets His Pokemon Back Snippet - ZecoreZecron - Battle Sequence Snippet - Pharaohman777 The Extended Unova Pokemon Guide is a massive Pokémon fanfiction, written as the brainchild of the fanfiction author The Gentalman Xerneas. 1 Official Website 4. I will only write M / F and M / M stories. In the full game, there will be ten rivals for the ten weeks of Story Mode, with one rival appearing each week. Read Yandere Drifblim x Trainer Reader (Fluff) from the story Pokémon x Reader Oneshots by Pinkamena205 with 3,156 reads. Mar 1, 2021 - A bunch of Yandere bad stories. Apr 13, 2020 - Read Taro Yamada from the story Yandere Simulator's Pictures by dongnghi11 (Nghi) with 888 reads. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Yandere Simulator is a stealth game about stalking a boy and secretly eliminating any girl who seems interested in him, while maintaining the image of an innocent schoolgirl. Tentacle Fetish Japan x Reader. Taro Yamada, also known as Senpai,is the love of Ayano Aishi/Ayato Aishi's life and one of themain characters of Yandere Simulator. When they see you dancing. Anime/Manga Fanfiction Romance Pokemon Pokemon Trainer Yandere Yandere!Male Pokemon characters x Fem!Reader. yandere, anime, marvel. A limp body of Misty in her hand, she told Braixen to use flamethrower and destroy the dead body. 4 from the story The Robotic Hero (Boku no Hero Academia Fan Fiction) by ultimatelytired (vibe check) with 6,574 ‧₊˚☔️୧﹕Mister detctive ⁺ | 🌫Why do they run away? Mar 1, 2021 - A bunch of Yandere bad stories. Just when he begins to give up on ever finding his other half, he meets Leila Quinn, a scholarship student. Anime/Manga We've all played Yandere Stimulator, in this fanfiction you are put in the place of senpai, also this is girlxgirl, so go have fun do senpai things! Article by Wattpad 211 r/Pokemon: The largest Pokémon community on Discord! Keep up with game/anime news and chat with fellow Pokémon fans! | 221,104 members Looking for Yandere Simulator Wallpapers? This is the page you want! Play as a Japanese High School Girl with a twisted and sick personality. Yandere are usually, but not always, female characters. Pokemon Fanfiction; x Reader; Summary. " Serena (Yandere) had a bloody knife in hand. ” Leonardo x reader. Y/N Pov. Yandere/Obsessive Cynthia x Ash Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Horror - Ash K. " This is slightly different from the verb yamu 病む which means "to be sick (generally)," despite yanderu 病んでる being also considered a contraction of the verb yamu in the te-iru form yandeiru 病んでいる. Threw the week, she needs to eliminate all females who tries to get close to her senpai. nuovacarservice. yandereserena pokemon. Walking down with my parents holding my hand as we were going for a family stroll in town as both my parents had the day off today so they decided to spoil me and take me out since they hadn't spend much time with me I was so happy I get to spend time with them today and as the day finally came to a close and we were heading home my father carrying me as I was to tired Nov 2, 2020 - Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. 1 First Intro 5. Some of them, like Gardevoir, don't get a special Mega entry at all. ※ Download Yandere pokemon x male reader My Lonely Life with My Lovely Gardevoir, a pokémon fanfic He watches your cheeks flare up with red in a curious, cat-like manner, and then grins. This kind of applies to Serena. "Have you been with a woman before?" You shake your head again. Anime/Manga Fanfiction Romance X Reader Yandere One Punch Man Yandere Opm X Reader (Y/N), the undefeated Pokémon Champion of Alola. Walking down with my parents holding my hand as we were going for a family stroll in town as both my parents had the day off today so they decided to spoil me and take me out since they hadn't spend much time with me I was so happy I get to spend time with them today and as the day finally came to a close and we were heading home my father carrying me as I was to tired The photos you provided may be used to improve Bing image processing services. fanfiction yandere oneshot yandere x reader yandere imagines yandere champion lance yandere pokemon minty’s writing minty pokemon yandere scenario yandere male x reader 29 notes Oct 6th, 2019 Everything you could ever find for Yandere Haikyuu, whenever it comes to art or fanfiction or just headcannons, this blog will either have it or want it. Kongregate free online game Yandere Simulator Online / FAN MADE GAME / - This is a fan made game so the real game goes to YandereDev. Y/N Pov. 5 She will be absent for nine weeks because of "family business". Yandere Simulator is a high quality game that works in all major modern web browsers. Also something i will cross my fingers but i hope Pikachu goes all "Blood for the blood god" or "drink the blood of our enemies" and other over the top moments at least once, wether is the shadow or he playing it up it would be great and funny xD, or whatever Conan said that You were staying at the Pokemon Center at Hearthome City, since it was one of the biggest Pokemon Center's in all of Sinnoh. STATUS: ONGOING FANDOMS: BTS CHARACTERS AND PAIRINGS: Seokjin/Reader, Seokjin/Original Female Character, Yoongi/Reader, Hoseok/Reader, Namjoon/Reader, Jimin/Reader, Taehyung/Reader, Taehyung/Original Female Character, Jungkook/Reader, Other Original Female Characters “If I can’t have them, no one can” is the motto for Yandere type archetype characters. com/ "Yandere Lyra" is a loose series of fanfictions created largely by anonymous users from /vp/, 4chan's dedicated Pokémon board. Play Yandere Simulator Online / FAN MADE GAME / We have reduced support for legacy browsers. Does that mean only some Pokemon experience negative effects of Mega Evolution or since Mega Evolution has only been recently studied and not a lot is known, only some Pokemon get an entry? Yandere is a term used for a person who is initially loving and caring to someone they have a strong affection for until theirromantic love,admiration, and devotion becomes feisty and mentally destructive in nature through either over protectiveness, violence, brutality or all three combined. Jun 4, 2016 - osu! - Rhythm is just a *click* away! With Ouendan/EBA, Taiko and original gameplay modes, as well as a fully functional level editor. finally, all those years of reading fanfics have culminated in this miniseries B) ~~~~~Social Media:Vlogging Channel - https://www. Also known as Senpai. The Truth: Yandere Albert Wesker x Mutated! Ex-Chubby! Reader l Resident Evil 5 (Game) ***Warm: Yandere Black Hat x Innocent! Reader l Villanious (Animated Short) ***Means Justify the End: Yandere Yakuza x Chubby! Ex-Gang Leader! Reader l Yandere Simulator (Game) Definitions: Yandere Vaas x Reader l Far Cry 3 (Game) ***Warm 2: Yandere Black Hat Yandere King Heart? (heres some headcannons :3) -Hes squeezing you, too tight! -Bears his sharp teeth at those who dare to show their affection to you in his presence -Is a lot more stealthy about With a sigh, the elderly man regarded the sheer chaos that had been a regular day in London Zoo just moments ago. Yandere. Be warned, this isn't in first person monologue mode the entire time like the last one, since I was copying Risato's style too much. If you don't like it, don't read. deviantart. Female yandere fanfic Female yandere fanfic Sep 15, 2020 - Read Confuse,Meh from the story Summer (Amourshipping) by XxWhiteYvonnexX with 4,190 reads. A/N: reques Read EP 90 Male Reader x Yandere Gardevoir from the story Yandere Series by PortugueseFella (Rodr1g0al) with 8,342 reads. While Yuno can be compared to certain characters to judge on whether they are Yandere or not, she can also be an unreliable source depending on the character. Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony recently released in the west and everyone is abuzz to see what is going on in the latest edition of the Danganronpa Franchise. Read Yandere Gardevoir x Male Reader from the story Male Reader x Female Yandere Various 4 by gojira2003 with 12,052 reads. Discussion. Please review and if I made any mistakes please comment or private message me so I can fix them. All pairings welcome Fanfic idea time: Ash gives Serena advice for her performances based on his experiences with May and Dawn's contest routines, which sparks a talk by Ash about his past female companions. (y/n): Well, let's see what's changed. Mar 1, 2021 - A bunch of Yandere bad stories. Serena's POV I woke up and got out off my b Origin of yandere The word was developed from tsundere which describes a character who is both hard-nosed or moody tsuntsun (ツンツン) and the aforementioned lovestruck. The photos you provided may be used to improve Bing image processing services. You shake your head, still looking up at her. All the time. Yandere Shigaraki Tomura x Reader [In Passing] 16. If you enjoy this game then also play games Yandere Institute Dating Simulator and Fortnite Shooter Simulator. Y/N Pov. Ok so in this AU the lower ranks are the subordinates to the upper moons – So lower moon 1, Enmu is the subordinate too Upper moon 1 Kokushibo so on and so forth - with the upper moons being the subordinates to Muzan, so they don’t have much to do other than being a grunt with extra privileges "Yandere" is derived from the Japanese words yanderu, meaning insane or sick, and deredere, meaning affectionate or loving. #aliens #fanfiction #female #malereader #monsters #random Yandere Gardevoir x Male Trainer 14. She is the most popular girl in school. Yandere is so confused, but in the end, it is all about her senpai. Is love an illness? |Request : CLOSED |@twstfluffiekens @fluff-pink-fox (it's my oc account) | South Africa| She/her|18| Yandere and Fluff| MULTIFANDOM although it seems like people request Twisted wonderland, Creepypasta, Mortal Kombat |Diabolik Lovers, Bungou Stray Dogs, Owari no Seraph, Devilman, My Hero Academia, Hazbin Hotel, Helluva Boss, k project, Genshin Impact, Tokyo Ghoul, Jujutsu Pokemon Sun and Moon had entries on some Mega Evolved Pokemon and they were mostly dark. The game centers upon an obsessively lovesick schoolgirl named Ayano Aishi, nicknamed and known mainly as "Yandere-chan", after the Japanese term "yandere", who has taken it upon herself to eliminate anyone she believes is monopolizing her senpai's attention. Upon reaching the rhinoceros exhibit, Harry's cousin Dudley had pushed Harry to get a better view of the animals - whereupon Harry had Apparated himself on top of a rhinoceros, before Transfiguring the hopelessly confused and panicked animal into an Erumpent. Ayano appears as a guest character in the video game Crush Crush. Pin On Fav Pokemon. oneshots, fanfiction, pokemon. So if you like both incest and yandere females, then this is the fic for you. A yandere supernatural creature x reader But the reader sort of keeps the yandere like a pet using them to get what they want “Despite the atmosphere, this place isn’t that bad. youtube. A small smile escapes her lips. marvel, yandere, highschooRead 🍋Yandere!Dabi x F!reader🍋 from the story Bnha x reader lemons & oneshots by Edgy_name_666 (ᵃᵘᵗʰᵒʳ~ᶜʰᵃⁿ) with 66,995 reads. NicePNG also collects a large amount of related image material, such as naruto headband ,naruto shippuden ,hinata . Yandere characters are mentally unstable, incredibly deranged and use extreme violence or brutality as *Cross-posted on Archive Of Our Own under the username PeachCows* MAIN MASTERLIST. The first of his many gifts was a little golden anklet, adorned with a small red crystal hanging from the chain - matching the single earring he wears on a daily basis. Anime/Manga Romance Pokémon Pokemon Pokemon X Reader Pokemon Yandere This is what would happen it Pokémon went Yandere. notice me or somethingTwitter https://twitter. This is for females and males so everyone can look at it, but warning not for kids 11 and under. Shinsou x reader wattpad one shots. Add to library 358 Adventures of Red and Leaf the Yandere, a pokémon fanfic | FanFiction All of her life, Leaf was socially awkward. Requested by: Zoey Notes: I apologize before you read this oneshot if Guzma is OOC, I don’t know much about him so I simply looked him up online… Protected by Fair Use! (Link to story here: http://mickau. #ao3 #yandere mha #mha fanfic #yandere midoriya izuku #yandere midoriya x reader #supernatural au. request by @SeanNakamura529. NEW VERSION: Yandere Gardevoir 2 Yeah, a yandere Gardevoir I think this pokemon could fit so well in the role, becase she loves his trainer! Imagine this: you're a pokemon trainer and you have 2 pokemons; One Gardevoir who always you leave out of her pokeball and you give her a lot of attention and affection, and a Buneary, which you are training to make it stronger. The sounds of your footsteps against the metal flooring was the only thing that rang through the hallways by the lower engine. Kathleen Carroll | I love to read books on gardening, baking and Archeology. The Yandere is a Dere type that combines Yanderu, meaning mentally ill, and Dere, meaning lovey-dovey. Blood spread like petals of a blooming flower, seeping through cracks in the wood. Hey guys! This is a blog that is dedicated to writing scenarios, headcanons, and even short stories of various Pokemon trainers, gym leaders, elite four members, and champions! Mar 16, 2019 - Read Yandere Lucario x male reader -Stay With Me- from the story Pokemon x reader Oneshots by ShariHorse (Shari) with 1,620 reads. Show more featured. Fanfiction Horror Thriller Yandere Yandere X Reader Ducktales A collection of yandere works featuring characters from DuckTales 2017, Looney Tunes, Space Jam, Animaniacs, Pinky and the Brain, Danger Mouse, Darkwing Duck, Bonkers, Count Duckula, Duck Dodgers and We Bare Bears. My favourite animal is the graceful wolf and my favourite flowers are roses, especially yellow ones. On October 6, 2015 Rainbow Rowell published a follow-up novel to Fangirl. Corona has FanFiction. josei (女性, "woman"): Anime and manga intended for the adult female demographic. As usual, all readers are yandere corrin; samus is a weeb; no one understands the concept of social distancing; fangirl trash; everyone is edgy and gay; OOCness; LGBTQ Themes; Song Parody; Song Lyrics; I Wrote This Instead of Sleeping; kpop; this has officially become a kpop fanfic; I have no idea where this fic is going; Black Lives Matter; #BLM; Summary. This brings me to my second reason. Posted: (1 days ago) Abusive boyfriend x reader wattpad Even worse when an organ-eating psycho, who forces you to gamble with your life every-night, saves you from your own species. You can leave me a comment with a 28 Pokemon - Oleana's Shota » [Sequel to Pokemon - Oleana's Maelstrom] Naruto is now 12 years old, and that means Oleana can now do her best to get Naruto to love her, and only her - barring his Pokemon team - and make sure that he knows that she loves him more than anyone else ever could, and she plans on doing it her way. pokemon imagines fanfic requests bede x reader bede x female reader female reader reader insert pokemon headcanons pokemon shield pokemon sword pokemon adult bede adult bede x reader 351 notes Jan 21st, 2020 Anonymous said: This might be a lil hard but ik you can do it! eren angst!! i rlly @aFellowsimp_ Y/N Pov. A lot. [Naruto x Oleana Read Yandere Solgaleo X Gender Neutral Reader The Harsh Sunne from the story Human Pokemon X Reader Requests Read AN 3 by Pokeagent3000nbsp "They're all done. The first chapter of my new Amourshipping fanfic is out! ^^ amourshipping satosere pokemon fanfiction amourshipping fanfiction ash x serena tobethefairybest 20 notes Definition of yandere: Contrary to the popular belief that it is the opposite of tsundere, it describes an anime character who is either psychotic or violent or both, and shows affection to the main character. This was requested the shit out of, so here it is. Abusive boyfriend x reader wattpad - bln. The Yandere Simulator Community Wiki is the place for fans of Yandere Simulator to post their fanworks (such as OCs (Original Characters), headcanons, fanfiction), participate in roleplaying, socialize with the other members of the community, and do much more! Pokemon Ash X Serena Fanfiction Stories. Yandere are pretty popular in otome games, and there’s usually at least one character in each game that exhibits some obsessive tendencies (though this is usually reserved for bad endings). Close. Quotev. The most disgusting Yandere Simulator fanfiction I’ve ever read. Yandere Pokemon Stories - Quotev. I've just been playing and consuming a lot and I mean a lot of legend of zelda media from games to comics to fanfiction I was hoping to throw my own hat into the ring and maybe get some more media out of this series (At least until BOTW 2 comes out) A yandere is hyperviolent stalker who will murder anyone else interested in their object of obsession. myheroacademia, angstwithhapp Yandere! Twins x Reader Fanfiction. They're the most important people Oct 10, 2016 - DeviantArt is the world's largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people to connect through the creation and sharing of art. His life would be given meaning through his obsession with Senpai. You walked out of the Pokemon center, and called out your best friend. wattys2019, gore, fanfic. Gardevoir had fought all of them before. If you disagree with its deletion, please explain why at Category talk:Candidates for deletion or improve the page and remove the {{}} tag. The infamous "Yandere Face" At the end of the first episode, she cradles her face while creepily declaring that she will protect Yuki during the games. It's where your interests connect you with your people. Just In. An absol, dusclops, a walrein, and a salamancer. it. It details the story of all the legendary Pokémon, as they would be if they were to live all together in the Hall of Origins. Yandere characters are mentally unstable, incredibly deranged and use extreme violence or brutality as an outlet for their emotions. Mar 1, 2021 - A bunch of Yandere bad stories. So help me with this one, guys with the wide knowledge of Pokémon. Mar 1, 2021 - A bunch of Yandere bad stories . Parts Alpha and Omega of the sides in yandere madness. Even if they don't know they're in love with you yet! (Part 1 and 2 with possible 'extreme' versions coming later) Browse through and read yandere pokemon fanfiction stories and books. 350Favourites. You can always download and modify the image size according to your needs. Conquer your Senpai with Yandere Simulator Help Yandere Chan to conquer Senpai, for this you will have to kill all the girls at school who stand between you and your love but without letting the police catch you. marvel, yandere, highschooRead 🍋Yandere!Dabi x F!reader🍋 from the story Bnha x reader lemons & oneshots by Edgy_name_666 (ᵃᵘᵗʰᵒʳ~ᶜʰᵃⁿ) with 66,995 reads. My whole life I had been shy and no matter what I tried I could never find the confidence in myself to talk out or defend myself I hated it in a way but then my best friend Akise told me I didn't need to be so confident and I was adorable the way I was so to stay like that which I listened to as he did most the talking for us both as he was a lot more confident than I was. The Arcana (アルカナ, Arukana)? are the different classes of Tarot Cards. com/Theodd1soutWebsite https://theodd1sout. Rivals are the main antagonists of Yandere Simulator. Including Ayano Aishi, there are 89 students who attend class at Akademi. Mewtwo times the fun on this gastly adventure. Someone a while ago had told me that Serena is not a Yandere and that I should look up Yuno Gasai to get a proper example. Yandere vampire x reader lemon forced Danganronpa x Reader - Yandere!Shuichi x Fem!Reader Read Yandere!Shuichi x Fem!Reader from the story Yandere! Danganronpa x Reader by KokoroPeppermint (A Gay) with 14,733 reads. com/art/The-Yandere-Gardevoir-Story-396985759) The story is finally concluded and we see The Island with the Reddit Famous Flower Field | Animal Crossing New Horizons 5 Star Island Tour - Duration: 34:44. he was beaten and abused by his family, until a duo with red eyes save him from the hell. He is one of the male students that attends Akademi High School. Sep 3, 2019 - Read chapter 016 // interning with "micro" pt. The photos you provided may be used to improve Bing image processing services. Roblox is a global platform that brings people together through play. I do not own Pokemon nor these characters. yansim, pictures, characters. Y/N Pov. She never had any extremely close relationships, other than her best friends, Red and Blue. 9 Stories. myheroacademia, angstwithhapp Yandere! Twins x Reader Fanfiction. Soon after, she reappeared in a video shown by a volunteer named Luego de la batalla contra el TriHexa donde Issei es sellado junto a el para mantener el sello, un extraño virus ataca el planeta tierra, matando a los hombres que sean humanos y convirtiendo en mujeres a los hombres que sean demonios, angeles, caidos, etc, mientras no sean dragones al 100%,y tambien convertirá a los hombres que sean reencarnados en mujeres, esto tambien dejara estériles a Yandere-kun would be characterized as sadistic and possessive. Article The photos you provided may be used to improve Bing image processing services. This was off FanFiction, I made minor changes. Image Result For Seme Naruto And Uke Sasuke Fanfiction Sasuke. Love can make you want to be with someone often. He starts manipulating the world to draw her closer to him, all the while, fighting off the suitors who have also discovered her hidden charm. Braixen looked wearily at her trainer and a terrified look on her eyes. Mar 1, 2021 - A bunch of Yandere bad stories. com DA: 14 PA: 42 MOZ Rank: 85. Show more featured. Ash will be paired off with a guy. Mar 1, 2021 - A bunch of Yandere bad stories . 2018 - Qui n'en a jamais rêvé ? Vivre une belle histoire sentimentale avec son personnage préféré de manga ou d'animé Et il s'agit de ce qui vous attend dans ce re 23-06-2019 - Read Khi bạn hẹn hò với Shinsou from the story 【BnHA x Reader】The Chosen One by -yuanfei (𝐃𝐢𝐩 𝐭𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐃𝐨𝐫𝐢𝐭𝐨𝐬) with 2,767 reads. Browse through and read pokemon ash x serena fanfiction stories and books; Browse through and read pokemon ash x serena fanfiction stories and books ; While, in the Kalos Region, Ash Ketchum, along with his friends, Clemont, Bonnie and Serena, view the Add to Slash is a movie released in 2016 about a young boy who writes slash fanfiction. Your mission The worst part about gremlins threatening to kill someone? About 20 years ago, there was this Pokemon fanfic author who constantly screamed that Jessie and James weren't responsible for their crimes, wrote fanfics where Ash was violently assaulted, and kept accusing the writers of somehow not understanding the real truth of their own characters. 2 Profile 5 Personality 5. 8K 85 74 Browse through and read yandere pokemon x reader action fanfiction stories and books have been offered a chance to explore the world of Kalos by the Pokemon Yandere-chans Son, Cipher, suffers from the same condition his mother had. Thousands of pictures with different characters were created and are found all over the web. Yandere!Male Pokemon characters x Fem!Reader. This page is a candidate for deletion. Add to library 51 Discussion 12. Students are NPCs that attend Akademi High School, the main setting of the game Yandere Simulator. Quotev. Penlighten gives you a list of 13 most popular fanfiction websites. (y/n): Come out, (F/p)! tw: drowning yandere pokemon archie yandere team aqua boss archie yandere team aqua leader archie yandere pokevillains yandere pokemon ruby yandere pokemon sapphire yandere pokemon omega ruby yandere pokemon alpha sapphire yandere pokemon headcanons on an unrelated note man on the internet has a cover of davy jones's lullaby it gives off an A Pokemon fanfic of Ash getting serious after the Battle Frontier Arc and training before going to Sinnoh. Walking down with my parents holding my hand as we were going for a family stroll in town as both my parents had the day off today so they decided to spoil me and take me out since they hadn't spend much time with me I was so happy I get to spend time with them today and as the day finally came to a close and we were heading home my father carrying me as I was to tired F/F Fanfic Recs. Come in to read stories and fanfics that span multiple fandoms in the Ninjago universe. 2 Second Intro 2. Aug 2, 2016 - Crossover~ Yuno Gasai (from Mirai Nikki) teaching Yandere-chan (from Yandere simulator) how to be a proper yandere How to be Yandere "Because it never began for us, it will never for us" Yandere thinks to herself, as she embarks on a look into her love life, is it with Senpai? or Budo. Rodri:My fr Summary: I plan to write Yandere stories between pokemons and humans, the pokemon always being aggressive. Levi X Reader Lemon by PixieAp0calypse_ ( Angie) with 6700 read. 0 mike is off to Texas so I will take his account for now Anyways Here at the list and you will pick Yandere suicune x male reader Yandere gardevoir x male reader Yandere FEMALE arceus x male reader (its rare I didn't see a female arceus story before) Yandere charizard x male reader Yandere mewtwo x mlae reader (fem mewtwo) Yandere new x male reader Yandere "PokéCafe" Fandom: Pokemon Character: Guzma Reader’s Info: Female. Demographics. However, being yandere for Ash is kind of suicidal given that one of your romantic rivals can disintegrate you on a whim - Human vs irate Latias isn't much of a fight. 1 The sound of a sharp blade dragged across skin echoed in the room, followed by a loud thud against the wooden floor. This spawned the character base for what is nicknamed "the Yandere Face". 4 Liechtenstein 4. Mar 1, 2021 - A bunch of Yandere bad stories . Yandere Simulator is an upcoming stealth action video game in development by Californian game developer YandereDev. Yandere Simulator has 1244 likes from 1460 user ratings. "C'mon! Let go!" "You're getting in that tub no matter what!" @user96273233. com Browse through and read yandere pokemon stories and books. marvel, yandere, highschooRead 🍋Yandere!Dabi x F!reader🍋 from the story Bnha x reader lemons & oneshots by Edgy_name_666 (ᵃᵘᵗʰᵒʳ~ᶜʰᵃⁿ) with 66,995 reads. Has this been done before, and if so did it avoid that whole Yandere Serena stereotype/bashing/etc etc? This is a Pokemon fanfic I have been working on that diverges from the anime midway through the Master Quest season in Johto, considering how the inclusion of a character-of-the-day into the main party would affect the adventure. But, if yandere are your shtick, here’s a list of some yandere characters that would be more than happy to show you to your own personal uguu love cage… Yandere Sasuke X Naruto Anime Yandere Naruto Pictures. nsfw. Only Osana appears in the demo build of the game, but they have all been introduced in a video. Together you get someone willing to do anything to end up with the one they love. Sneak preview of my FanFic: Doki Doki Yandere Chan! by ThePheonix0627 in DDLC [–] ThePheonix0627 [ S ] 3 points 4 points 5 points 35 minutes ago (0 children) The yan in the word yandere ヤンデレ comes from the verb yanderu 病んでる which means "to be sick (mentally). Misty gets jealous after seeing her senpai getting close with another women. Became a popular moe genre after the airing of the last episode of School Days. Sort by: Hot. The guide is written in universe by the quirky and well accomplished professor Fuhri (The good professor denies his name sounding like furry). The protagonist of the game is a high school student named Ayano Yandere Face. sharmaine Recommended for you #bnha fic #bnha fanfiction #bnha #aizawa x reader #bnha aizawa #shouta aizawa #present mic #yandere erasermic #yandere eraserhead #yandere present mic #my hero au #yandere my hero #aizawa imagine #yandere hizashi yamada More you might like Fanfiction-FC Reader-Inserts anime baseball fanfic leon twisted videogame readerinsert yandere xreader danganronpa danganronpaxreader leonxreader leonkuwata leon_kuwata •final fantasy •pokemon •battle block theatre •fire emblem (any) •minecraft •dragon age (any) •Skyrim •harvest moon (any) •super smash bros •fallout 4 •fable 2 and 3 • dragon dogma And any visual novel characters. 3 Official Intro 3 Appearance (Default Look) 4 Description 4. Win the heart of your crush by killing all your love rivals in Yandere Simulator! Eliminate all your rivals before 5 days or they will confess their love to your Senpai. 200. Now, her and her senpai can live the life she always dreamed Yandere; yandere yelena; Summary "Have you seen another woman's body before?" She purrs. Yandere pets x reader. A smarter, pokemon ranger, aura guardian Ash Ketchum. Yandere Simulator was born as a stealth game developed for PC in 2014 and achieved great fame thanks to several YouTube. The girl just wanted to celebrate her ninth year of defending her title, she never asked to be dragged away by some weird alien creature to a world of obsessed heroes and villains and stuff. xreader, fanfic, danganronpa The DeviantArt #HolidayCardProject is back to spread some holiday cheer once again! Now on its 11th year, the Holiday Card Project aims to bring that cheer to patients in hospitals both in the United States and around the world during the holiday season, connecting artists everywhere and applying their tremendous artistic abilities to designing and creating meaningful, uplifting greeting cards. yandere_simulator. Hot Yandere serena. 2 Second Intro 5. She did it and it actually worked. [Yandere Simulator] Gaze of the Blossom - Ch. 1/21 c2 AdrianVnz I kind of hope Shamus appears again to suffer some more, he is like Paul 2. net, known as Drakon Pentacarbonyl Drakon on the Bulbagarden forums. 0 in all the worst ways. The yandere did it. These were four of the most powerful pokemon in the region, backed by some of the most experienced trainers. #Raihan #raihan pokemon #pokémon #Pokémon Sword and Shield #yandere pokémon #yandere!pokémon #pokémon swsh #yandere #yandere headcanons #yandere scenarios #yandere imagines #yandere fanfiction #yandere x reader #yandere x darling #Yandere TW #yandere talk #Milo #Milo pokemon #pokémon #pokémon sword and shield #yandere pokémon #yandere!pokémon #pokémon swsh #yandere #yandere writing #yandere imagines #yandere headcanons #yandere scenarios #yandere fanfiction #yandere x reader #yandere x darling #Yandere TW #Sweet Prompts Generally, Childe has a habit of demonstrating, or more like proving, his enamoration for you in small acts of what could only be described as ownership. Adoration (Yandere! Ruby x Reader) 7 days ago MiniMoony . @user96273233. This online game is part of the Strategy, Action, Girl, and Download gaming categories. Walking down with my parents holding my hand as we were going for a family stroll in town as both my parents had the day off today so they decided to spoil me and take me out since they hadn't spend much time with me I was so happy I get to spend time with them today and as the day finally came to a close and we were heading home my father carrying me as I was to tired The Arcana x reader by mysticalmagicians 210K 4. A person who will go to near-extreme to extreme lengths to be in or deepen a desired relationship, weather it be romantic, platonic, familial, etc. Simply put, a yandere is someone who is lovesick; someone who has been driven to insanity by extreme obsession or love, thus resulting in abnormal behaviour if not violence. . Article The photos you provided may be used to improve Bing image processing services. Yandere pokemon x reader lemon keyword after analyzing the system lists the list of keywords related and the list of websites with related content, in addition you can see which keywords most interested customers on the this website @user96273233. 1 First Intro 2. Article The photos you provided may be used to improve Bing image processing services. Originally posted by dearbangtansonyeondan. -----Yelena has been brought to Paradis Island and your job is to monitor her, all the time. Levi X Reader Lemon by PixieAp0calypse_ ( Angie) with 6700 read. There will be the Tauros trade and aura training. Mar 1, 2021 - A bunch of Yandere bad stories. Ayano Aishi confessed her feelings to Taro Yamada under the cherry blossom tree and got her senpai except, unlike Ryoba, she eliminated all barriers without shedding an ounce of blood. . Yandere 2p Canada x Reader - Always Watching. Megami Saikou is the tenth upcoming rival in Yandere Simulator4, and a female student and Student Council member who will attend Akademi High School. . . "Well, watcha waiting for, USE FLAMETHROWER," Serena hit Braixen, and Braixen as fast as she could, used Each mother is a yandere. Fanfiction. In books. [Naruto x Oleana Pokemon Scenarios. It centers around the idea of Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver's female protagonist, Lyra, actually being a, you guessed it, Yandere, obsessed with her male counterpart, Gold. The game is currently under development, and a free demo build which receives continued updates is available from the developer's official blog and website. Loves Guzma. Yandere-kun would view eliminating his rivals as a game, with each rival being an enemy that must be eliminated. You lo With confidence Gardevoir walked forward into the arena set aside for this test. Protected by Fair Use! In part one, a boy starts the beginning of his relationship with his pokemon, but not all are ready for him to be with his love Par Hi guys this is joey or deletermon 2. Leslie. Posted by 2 months ago. I still don't know which. She is a Rainbow of unlocked emotions. 3 Fanfiction websites are a great tool for budding writers to easily showcase their talent to a large audience at once, share their creativity, and get reviews from like-minded people. Fangirl is a novel written by Rainbow Rowell about a college student who is a fan of a book series called Simon Snow, which is written by a fictional author named Gemma T. myheroacademia, angstwithhapp Yandere! Twins x Reader Fanfiction. You should do one with Lincolns sisters and do all of them even Lilly it would be scary if a baby was a yandere and Lincolns sisters succsed Yandere Imposter x Reader Clank clank clank clank. yandere pokemon fanfiction